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Life's a Song

Something to Sing About

Sing Us A Line From Your Favorite Song
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This is a multi-fandom community based on the idea of CD challenges - which Steffox and Lix Tetrax brilliantly created* one morning in Starbucks over lattes and orange juice.

The Rules:

1. Members choose any CD and write one fic for every song on the CD. THIS DOES NOT MEAN A SONGFIC. You can write a songfic if your heart so desires. But the idea was more to write a fic based on the general feel you get from the song, or a stray line or two that catches in your head. Any fandom is acceptable, and you can write a different fandom for every song.

2. Put the fics behind cuts. All fics for a CD should come in one post. Each fic should be its own individual cut.

3. In the non-cut section of the post specify your CD, fandoms, and ratings. Example:

The Cure, Wild Mood Swings

Track One - Star Wars - PG-13 (And then the lj cut to your fic)
Track Two - Lord Of The Rings RPF - G (And then the lj cut to your fic)

All fandoms, ratings, and pairings are welcome, but please try to proof read or beta before posting, especially for very long fics. Mistakes happen and everyone slips up now and then, but a fic where the characters' names are spelled incorrectly, or one in with consistent grammatical errors, or written completely in leet...let's not do that here, please.

That's it. Kind of loose guidelines to go by. Mainly just join and have fun. :)


*As far as we are aware we created the idea. I'd certainly never heard of it before.